Defendant Obligations PDF Print E-mail

With every bond written there are certain expectations that shall be met by the accused to protect the bonding company and ensure successful exoneration of the bail bond

The Defendant Must:

  • Check in weekly with their particular bonding agent until the case is completed and all court fines and bond premiums are paid.
  • Attend all of their subsequent court dates.*
  • Notify their bail bond agent of any changes in residence, phone, job, or other information given on their bail bond application.
  • Notify their bail bond agent of any changes in courts, court dates, times, and upon adjudication for your charges
  • Obtain the permission of their bail bond agent to leave the state and in some cases the county.
  • Not commit any act that can result in their arrest.
  • Notify their bail bond agent if they obtain a private attorney.
  • Come to their local bonding agency's office if asked to do so.

*In some cases if a private attorney is obtained then the defendant may not be responsbile for attending every court date. Please consult your attorney if this is the case.
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